Parish Profile : March 2017

God’s Call – Our Call

St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church in Elora, Ontario is seeking a new Rector. We, that is those of us who make up the community of St. John’s, are confident that the Lord has already chosen the right person. With this Profile and through prayer, we aim to connect with that person. Let us tell you about us.

This Profile contains five sections:

  1. Who we are – Unity of Worship and Service with Diversity
    At our core, we engage in the sacred acts of worship and service. Each infuses the other with meaning and action. Each is an essential character of our past and our future.
  2. Where we live, worship, and serve
    We come from all over, a “virtual” parish, drawn together in one place, in one community, united to glorify God, nurtured in worship, prepared to serve.
  3. How we get things done
    We are blessed with resources, prudently managed, with extensive volunteers able to respond in the affirmative to God’s unique calling of us as stewards of our particular heritage.
  4. What lies ahead
    We are grounded in the worship of God - adoration, attention to his word, prayer, praise, and thanksgiving – and we seek to grow in our participation in Christ’s ministry, corporately and individually. Inspired by God the Holy Spirit and guided by the Rector-to-be, we look forward with hope to new opportunities and challenges, as we bear witness to the advancing of Christ’s reign.
  5. The Rector we seek
    We invite a lover of God’s Word, a priestly servant, to come and live among us, worship with us, pray with us, and equip us to serve, for the glory of God.

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