FEBRUARY 19, 2017


Meeting called to order at 12:34.
Reminder to sign vestry book.

1. Welcome and Prayer

The Interim Priest-in-charge opened the meeting with a prayer.

2. Appointment of Vestry Clerk

Linda Coultes appointed as Vestry Clerk.
Motion to accept agenda, Tez Darnell, seconded by Ian Rice. Carried.

3. Appointment of Readers of Minutes:

a) Stan Litch
b) Bonnie Smiley
c) Susan Edwards

4. Adoption of Minutes of Vestry Meetings in 2016

a) February 14, 2016 AVM
b) July 24, 2016 SVM

Motion – to accept the minutes of Vestry Meetings in 2016 as recorded.
Moved by Chris Houston, seconded by Jane Rapp. Carried.

5. Adoption and Review of Reports from Parish Personnel, Organizations and Committees.

  1. Interim Pastor (1), Wardens (2), Search Committee(5), Property (6), Envelope Secretary (7), Investment Committee (9), Columbarium (10), Christ Church, Drayton (11)

moved by Ian Rice, seconded by Susan Brown. Carried.    

  1. Outreach Ministries:  ACTS (11), PWRDF (12) Portage (15), Healing and Reconciliation (15), Update of Parish Refugee Support Group (15).

moved by Peter Ellis, seconded by Tez Darnell. Carried.

  1. Motion to adopt reports of Music Ministries: Parish Choir (16), Volunteer Choir and Youth Choir (18)

moved by Chris Hannell, seconded by Nancy Scott. Carried.

  1. Motion to adopt special Ministry Reports:  Altar Guild Report (20), Ladies Group Report (20), 11 am Coffee Hour (21), Pastoral Visiting (22), St. John’s Patronal Lunch (23), St. John’s Men’s Club (24).

moved by Jeannie Houston, seconded by Susan Brown. Carried.

  1. Financial Statements 2016

Review of 2016 financials presented by Lorna Kearns, Treasurer.

Any questions, please refer to Lorna Kearns.

Corporation actively involved in financials and budget meetings, meeting approximately every six weeks during year.

Deficit from operational standpoint.  Large investment portfolio draw on interest from investment portfolios to meet budget and operational needs.

Balance Sheet – Account Receivable – Elora Festival.

Investments at market value.

Parish Choir, excellent financial position going into 2017, due to generous donors.

External Trust equity – received balance of $32K from Dr. Barbara Hazlett estate.

Income Statement – regular donations and open donations, short to budget.

Small shortfall of approximately $7500 at end of year.

Rector’s salary – savings due to part-time rector

Salary only part of total compensation to rector.



Contingencies – budget $1,000, unexpected expenditures, furniture for office, Canon Hulse 80th birthday, retirement party for Patrick Patterson.


Motion to adopt: by Bonnie Smiley, seconded John Spearn.  Carried.


  1. Budget for 2017

Actuals and 2017 budget, offerings set at $280,000.

Rector Salary - budget for 2016 $106K, actual $85K, budget really an unknown $100K budgeted.

Costs associated with rector search $6K see line under rector search.

Other lay workers – diocese has advised a 2.1% increase for 2017, has been applied to budget.

Other expenses – maintenance and repair, budget $7K, $15K for this year, anticipated costs for new boiler for parish centre.

Miscellaneous – $1K, actual $4,770

Diocesan assessment increasing, based on rolling three year average, losing advantage of costs associated to parish centre.

Operating loss $13K, final profit $12K, due to transfer from investment income.

Cash flow not even throughout year,if investment income not needed it is returned to investment portfolio.

Strongly encourage parishioners to consider PAP.



Suzanne Kienapple – re accounts receivable – Elora Festival – what made up outstanding receivable?

Lorna Kearns provided answer – receivable several years old relating to portables on Henderson, barn, etc.

To get receivable current, a joint meeting of 2016 Elora Festival board and corporation, looked at liability to determine a value, came to an agreement, we wrote off $3,300, three months office rent due to mold issue and portion of library rent, cheque for remainder was paid immediately, continue to be up to date.


Motion to adopt: by Ellen Pearson, seconded by Doris M’Timkulu. Carried.


  1. Appointment/Election of Parish Officers for 2016
  1. People’s Warden: Charlotte Logan  - elected appointment. Acclaimed.
  2. Rector’s Warden: Doris M’Timkulu – appointed, acclaimed.
  3. Deputy Wardens – Marcus Kramer  - acclaimed.  Lorna Kearns – acclaimed.
  4. Synod Delegates:  Ellen Pearson, Susan Brown, Ian Rice – new 2 year term starting 2017.
  5. Alternate Synod Delegates: Doris M’Timkulu, Judy Briggs-Bengtsson.

Doris M’Timkulu suggested to elect another synod delegate

Nominations for alternate delegate for synod – Nancy Scott, nominations closed. Acclaimed.

  1. Corporation – which includes Interim Rector, Wardens, Property Chair, Treasurer.

All have agreed to stay for another year or until new Rector appointed.

Motion to by John Spearn, second Tez Darnell, carried.

Parish Council Members (ex officio, Interim (chair), Wardens, Synod Delegates)

Appointed by Interim Rector  – David Tinker, Ken Edwards, Walter Langford

Vestry asked to Vote for three additional members from list provided.

Sharon Barrett

Susan Edwards

Peter Ellis

Esther Farrell

Ian Hornsby

Lisa Staton


Three additional members are:

Ian Hornsby, Peter Ellis, Susan Edwards


Motion to accept Ian Hornsby, seconded by Lorna Kearns.  Carried


  1. Any Other Business –

Betty Knight – how many people on council – 16

Thanks to Gordon Walls for his work in our parish

Pat Ellis - Thanks to Susan Adams for her involvement in organizing and involvement in office.

Barbara Gow – synod delegates – report from synod, do delegates vote – on their own accord or as congregational vote?

Tez Darnell – should synod delegates report during year, perhaps at Sunday services?

Susan Edwards – archival information as unofficial historian for parish – any old pictures, history,

please be in touch with her.

Peter Ellis – history of parish needs to be written, updated photo directory - in process, pictures to be done in May.

Doris M’Timkulu – search committee appreciate all our prayers, ready to be in touch with person who is coming to St John’s,Peter Wall meeting this week as well as Peter Scott, Archdeacon, formulating parish profile, thanks to Chris Houston for his help in preparation on profile, should be ready by end of March.

Stan Litch –is parish profile ready?

Susan Brown – workshop held to hear from parishioners.Information to be summarized and will be included in one document.Newest version to be given to Peter Wall and Peter Scott.

Workshop – 3 sources -survey results, summary of table results, spirit of unity evident in conversations which happened at workshop, largely of one mind as a parish, summary of themes.


  1. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned 1:30 pm,

moved by Tez Darnell, seconded by Kelvin Hughes.

72 parishioners attended the annual vestry meeting.


  1.  The Interim Priest-in-charge thanked all for attending.


Minutes reviewed by Stan Litch, Bonnie Smiley, Susan Edwards.




Signed by: _______________________________

                   Interim Priest-in-charge